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Attorney Educator Training/Spokesperson

Team up with ABA to educate large or small groups of people live.  Whether it is an auditorium of middle school students, staff at a high school or a Q&A forum, ABA can provide materials and live interactions that could have a lasting impact on the culture of your organization.  These presentations are catered toward individual groups and personalized for client needs within their organization.  The first step in changing the bullying dynamic of an institution, such as a middle school or a staff, is assessing the level of bullying at that school.  Then it is paramount to create a culture centered around addressing those issues and reversing the attitude and complacency towards bullying and creating Upstanders instead of Bystanders.  Empowering kids and adults to speak out against bullying, be Upstanders, and cutting off the dynamic before it snowballs and infects others, whether they be the target, bystander, educator, parent or bully is a small and subtle step but makes a world of difference.  Watching the culture shift from power plays and nasty exchanges to caring and uplifting each other has an amazing rippling effect throughout institutions that go beyond reversing the bullying dynamic.

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