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Consultations and Referral System - Anti-Bullying Advocates

Parent/Student Intake Consultations and Referral System

A bullying dynamic within the school system could take several paths forward depending on what actions you take.  Once the fee and form are completed, a 30-minute live consultation with Mr. Le Du will allow you to a) better understand the bullying dynamic and typical patterns, b) know whether or not you have legal redress, and c) recognize some potential outcomes if things continue as status quo.  Depending on the nature of the facts presented, a referral to a firm that may litigate your potential case along with the help of ABA will be afforded to you as well at the end of the consultation.  Complete the form, enter the fee, and receive a world of knowledge about the ramifications of the bullying dynamic afflicting your child/student along with some avenues of action you could take to better the results.

Resource Training Education - Anti-Bullying Advocates

Anti-bullying Resources, Training and Education

Team up with ABA to train large or small groups of people to create an antibullying environment for where everyone is respected and safe.  Whether it is an auditorium of middle school students, classroom of high school educators, or a zoom forum with administrators, ABA can provide materials and live interactions that could have a lasting positive impact on the culture of your organization.  With ABA’s training, you can reverse the bullying dynamic and shift the culture from power plays and nasty exchanges to uplifting gestures and empowering relationships. Assess the bullying dynamic that’s currently occurring, address complacency, create Upstanders instead of Bystanders, empower students and adults to speak out against bullying, and identify strategies designed to effectively address bullying—for both perpetrators and victims. Presentations are catered toward each group and personalized for the strategic needs within your organization. Contact ABA to discuss a customized program that’s the right fit for your organization’s needs.

Attorney Partnership - Anti-Bullying Advocates

Attorney Partnerships: Negotiations, Evaluations, Depositions and Trials

An attorney partnership is where Mr. Le Du is retained for a fee for one or a combination of the following services: Evaluations – thorough review and valuation of the case at settlement or trial, along with strengths and weakness of the case; Depositions – conducting the depositions of the case for Plaintiffs and Defendants to position the Plaintiffs in the best possible position at trial; Negotiations – negotiating on behalf of the Plaintiff pre-trial to maximize compensation for the client; Trial – retained as co-trial counsel to collaborate on conducting jury selection, opening statements, examinations, cross-examinations and closing statements.

Spokesperson - Anti-Bullying Advocates

Attorney Educator Training/Spokesperson

Team up with ABA to educate large or small groups of people live.  Whether it is an auditorium of middle school students, staff at a high school or a Q&A forum, ABA could provide materials and live interactions that could have a lasting impact on the culture of your organization.

Jean Paul Le Du - Anti-Bullying Advocates
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