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Anti-Bullying Advocates

Send us your message provides services and resources to parents, students, educators, administrators, attorneys, experts, advocates and anyone interested in ending the plague of bullying in our society.

We aim to:

  • raise awareness
  • offer valuable resources
  • connect targets of bullying with professionals, such as litigators, advocates, experts
  • create an antibullying community to support targets of bullying
  • help families navigate the difficulties of defending against bullying

We have three-pronged approach of education, litigation, and collaboration to bring about change, locally and state-wide.

Whether you’re a parent struggling to keep their child safe in school, a friend who’s concerned for another’s safety, an educator sick of standing by while you witness the same bullying dynamics play out day after day, or a litigator that wants an edge in fiercely advocating for your client in court, has vital tools for you.

For more information on how can help you, please visit our resources page or contact us.

Who Am I

Greetings and welcome to the Anti-Bullying Advocates Website.  My name is Jean-Paul Le Du, founder of  I’m a licensed attorney in New Jersey and have litigated dozens of cases throughout New York and New Jersey area.  Specifically, I’m an expert in anti-bullying litigation and bullying dynamics.  When I was a child, I was bullied in three different schools, on and off of school property.  Fortunately it did not derail my educational aspirations like it does for so many bullying targets and I gravitated towards the social sciences in college, such as sociology, criminology, history and philosophy.  Post-college, my journey lead me to one of the most fulfilling employment opportunities of my life, as an educator in the inner-city and coach in the suburbs. Little did I know that the educational training and experience I received as an educator for fifteen years, through inner city public school, suburban public schools, alternative schools, and eventually as a professor would be the groundwork for understanding the breakdown in anti-bullying protocols and policy throughout any school system throughout the nation.  I’m a licensed teacher in New Jersey and New York and acquired a Masters in Sociology from Fordham University.

After graduating from CUNY Law School I became a member of the New Jersey State Bar. I gained vital litigation tactics and experience second seating my wife, JenniElena Rubino, Esq., who at the time was a seasoned and experienced trial attorney. My first trial where I delivered the opening and closing statement, examined and cross-examined multiple witnesses and experts, along side my partner, had the great fortune of delivering a landmark million dollar verdict in a financially strained, rural area of New York. The Motta v. Eldred trial sent shockwaves throughout the state and the groundswell of activism, litigation, awareness, and changing school anti-bullying culture continues to present-day. Since the Motta case in 2017, I’ve litigated dozens more bullying case, in rural, suburban, and urban areas, conducted trials and brought many cases to a successful settlement. The challenge to end bullying throughout the nation continues today. My advocacy for children suffering through this cancer in our school systems continues as well. Despite the struggle, the work is extremely rewarding and the network of teachers, educators, experts, attorneys, parents, students and advocates allows for a support and solidarity that every child should feel when they are put down and are feeling alone.

On a personal note, I have two beautiful children, tend to be an outdoorsy person, and wanderlust for travel and artistic experiences.  I perform as a musician in the tri-state area, currently in two bands as well as my singer-songwriter original project.  I also like to eat, a lot, which has motivated my culinary skills in the kitchen borrowed from my work experience in multiple fine dining restaurants prior to my teacher years.  When I’m not honing in on a file to maximize my clients advantages at trial, I enjoy lake swimming with my girls, hiking to beautiful peaks, jamming with friends, and cooking an amazing meal for good company.  I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

Jean Paul Le Du - Anti-Bullying Advocates
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