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Aspen’s Story

Aspen Story - Anti-Bullying Advocates

At a young age, Aspen had a beautiful innocence in his eyes, one that captured the attention of booking agents that thought he had the perfect look for magazine ads of products such as children’s clothing.  His mother agreed.  Her son had a special look that would fit the mold of a young modeling career: blonde hair, […]

Wanda’s Story

Wanda Story - Anti-Bullying Advocates

Wanda was a bright girl, fun loving, outgoing and vibrant personality.  She enjoyed playing sports and making friends.  Very sweet, very kind, always respectful.  Unfortunately, in middle school that all changed when she switched districts.  As a new kid, she had to acclimate to the new environment, the new social structure of who was in […]

Jean Paul Le Du - Anti-Bullying Advocates
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